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Accented Definition

Adjective: accented  ak-sun-tid or ak'sen-tid

  1. (phonetics) of a syllable, having the main stress
    "an accented syllable carries the main stress in a word";
    - tonic
  2. Bearing a stress or accent
    - stressed
Verb: accent  'ak,sent
  1. Single out as important; draw attention to (something)
    - stress, emphasize, emphasise [Brit], punctuate, accentuate
  2. Put stress on; utter with an accent
    "In Farsi, you accent the last syllable of each word";
    - stress, accentuate

Anagrams created from the word accented

aecdentc daccente edaccent tedaccen ntedacce entedacc centedac ccenteda